"Five Life Priorities"

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Jonathan Peters learned the value of a dollar at a very young age after his father passed away unexpectedly when Jon was just 13 years old. With no life insurance or retirement savings for he, his mom and his two teenage sisters, Jon’s father’s business folded. This was when Jon’s journey towards entrepreneurship and finding financial security began.

As recently as 2018, Jon experienced another devastating personal tragedy. His wife, Beth, passed away from a long battle with metastatic breast cancer. Both of these tragedies contribute to his guidance through personal experience philosophy. In addition to his expertise in Wealth Preservation & Growth,  Business Succession & Tax Strategies, Estate & Retirement Planning he has also gained personal experience navigating major life events such as college planning, home healthcare & hospice, elder care & medicare. Today, as an independent Financial Advisor with over 35 years of experience, Jon’s journey continues as he has helped multiple clients spanning his impressive career. 

Because Jon was born, raised, educated and worked in New York and New Jersey, he has a vast network of trusted advisors at his fingertips ready to assist any of his client’s specialized needs. 

As a Senior Vice President of Equity Trading working on Wall Street for over 25 years, there isn’t a lot that Jon hasn’t seen. From the 1987 market crash, to the devastation of 911, to the 2008 financial crisis, one thing remains certain…Jon’s perseverance, resiliency and his proven track record of success.

What differentiates Jon? His personal journey and his work experience. His journey has not been an easy one. The challenges that he has faced in his life are unimaginable for most, however, Jon continues to bring a calm, friendly warmth and a realistic yet optimistic attitude to his clients. His spirit, integrity, knowledge of the business and his clients for life attitude are unsurpassed followed by an odd knack for always having ‘a guy’ to call in any type of situation.  

To Jon, financial planning isn’t just about your money. It’s about your life priorities. He believes that understanding what matters the most to you is critical to a successful investing strategy. Through a dedicated one-on-one, consultative approach he ensures you’re treated individually, not just as a transaction.  

This is a guy you want in your corner while you’re navigating through your own journey. 

Life is about Relationships

Financial Peace Gives You Freedom to Enjoy Them


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